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First drops of monsoon

Oil on canvas
78" x 56"

"I sat near the lotus pond and watched the changing hues of colour on large leaves, the tall stalks holding flowers and buds, swaying in the breeze along with golden reeds, like a graceful tribal dance. After three days of observation, the changing moods of this magnificent lotus pond became a lotus pond of my mind..." - A Ramachandran, 1997

"The most endearing quality of Ramachandran's works is that in almost every painting, the artist puts in an appearance. Sometimes he is metamorphosed as Vishnu, sometimes as the rain god painting the droplets that add up to a shower, or else as a fish or a bird sitting quietly in one corner, or perhaps as a baby in the foetal position. Like Ariel, he is in full control of his creation. But he has the humility to make a mockery of himself and his art." - Soumitra Das in 'Satiation of the senses', Telegraph newspaper (Kolkata, India), 8 February 2006