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The Lotus Pond in the Monsoon Breeze

Oil on canvas
17' x 6'2"

“The tribal environs of Rajasthan, still unspoiled by urban intrusions, have also triggered in his memory the unsullied beauty of nature in his Kerala childhood. Like some hidden, glowing jewel in a pristine setting, it has invited the painter to leave his stamp. He has captured it in its many moods with its different colors during different times of the year…Like the Kathakali dancers of his home state repeating the same epics night after night mining the same emotions but performing with a slight difference each time, Ramachandran has also gone over the same terrain. And each time, he has given a subtly different nuance to the drama of colors, patterns, props, settings. In so doing, he has made this part of this world his own domain” – Excerpt from ‘Imagined Territory, Reclaiming a Lost Paradise’ by Ella Datta, 2001

Ella Datta is a well-known art critic who has contributed articles, columns, and commentaries on Indian contemporary art to major Indian newspapers including the Times of India, Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, Business Standard, Illustrated Weekly of India and the Bengali publication Ananda Bazaar Patrika. She is the author of two studies on Ramachandran (‘Face to Face’, Guild Art USA Publication, New York, 2007, and ‘Art of A Ramachandran’, Roli Books, New Delhi, 2000).