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Amaltas Tree

Oil on canvas
6'7" x 4'8"

‘In the tribal villages [outside Udaipur, Rajasthan], I found an ideal world that satisfied all my aesthetic needs…the little Bhil villages gave the prodigal son who had left Kerala a second homecoming. These marvelous, graceful and simple tribals accepted me as one of their own and I could observe and study them from close quarters. I put all my creative energies into understanding their life and environment. In that process, I found an island away from the turmoil of urban life where I took shelter like a child playing under the cot. They were for me, a means to discover a world of my own, with a separate reality. No wonder those who were familiar with the social and political content of my earlier works found it hard to accept my new paintings with strange-looking female figures with impossible waistlines against strange-looking landscape of trees, plants, flowers, birds, animals and insects’ – A Ramachandran (Extract taken from ‘An Enquiry into the Revivalist Tendencies into my Art and Hairstyle’)