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Lotus pond at Obeshwar - A. Ramachandran

An inverted ā€˜Uā€™ shaped valley, surrounded by hills; a vast sheet of water held by a pond, like an enormous bowl, filled with huge lotus plants and reeds, is Obeshwar- a remote Shiva temple near Udaipur. During the monsoon, the hills, trees and plants, washed clean - resplendent - the bright face of nature.

I sat near the lotus pond and watched the changing hues of colour on large leaves, the tall stalks holding flowers and buds, swaying in the breeze along with golden reeds, like a graceful tribal dance. After three days of observation, the changing moods of this magnificent lotus pond became a lotus pond of my mind, Manasarovar, providing a Gita Govinda setting, for God of little things to enact a playful activity - Leela of insects, butterflies and dragonflies, swinging between the conscious and the subconscious.

A Ramachandran
New Delhi, 1997