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Dream of a Politically Incorrect Artist

Oil on canvas
60"x 108"

"No other contemporary Indian artist has been so obviously derivative yet innovative...Ramachandran, through his own agonizing evolution, has merged our Ajanta to the temple-palace frescoes of his Kerala. Wallowing in the exuberance of tropical vegetation, he lifted the scale and the color of the Malabar walls to even greater dimensions. The legendary lotuses of the Ajanta caves were re-immortalized in a new vision of dewdrops-leaf and sinuous-stem, after a whole millennium! Rather than obliquely suggesting the use of tradition, our maestro has celebrated its continuity, even daring improvements, narrowing on details in a manner where the clear-cut color delineations give his work a graphic..quality" - Excerpt from 'The Puzzle of an Integrated Artist', by Aman Nath, 1998