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Hanna and her Goats

Oil on canvas
6'8" x 4'8"

"To appreciate Ramachandran's works, what is required is not an analytical perception but a visual sensibility to absorb the highly sophisticated visual language that the artist uses. Symbols of his use of nature in general, show the simplification of flowers, trees, birds and composite creatures and their development, again not through naturalism but through a different rhythm of representation, perspective and proportion which speaks of the reinterpretation of a visual tradition that spans many cultures" - Rupika Chawla

Rupika Chawla is a conservator of paintings and art critic who curated the Ramachandran restrospective at National Gallery of Modern Art and is the author of two extensive studies on the artist ('A Ramachandran: Art of the Muralist' and 'Icons of the Raw Earth'). She has been writing regularly on contemporary Indian art and between 2001 and 2004, wrote a column on it in the Indian Express newspaper. Her forthcoming book is titled 'Raja Ravi Varma: Life and Times in Colonial India', a detailed and authoritative study on Ravi Varma and his art (Mapin and Grantha Publication, 2008).