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Genesis of Kurukshetra



"The sculpture operates on two levels: that of its consummate artistic merit and that of the subtext known to those familiar with the story. For the uninitiated, there is the accomplished visual quality of the two stylized figures, one blindfolded, in confrontation over a grid formation of glossy embryonic forms. There is the added dimension for those acquainted with the story of Kurukshetra, even while they realize that such a confrontation never happened, as memory will bring alive the hundred Kauravas, the five Pandavas, the two wise and primordial mothers Kunti and Gandhari and of course, the Mahabharata war fought at Kurukshetra."
Excerpt taken from 'Bahurupi: Interpreting Myriad Forms' written by Rupika Chawla and published by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2009, p. 16